Lloyd Cameron - Painter

Art has been an obsession for me since I was very young.  At age eight I began drawing house plans based on my father’s plumbing diagrams.  I remember copying characters from comic books.  I measured a 1939 Ford sedan and drew it to scale at age eleven.

My first art class was in junior high school which was more arts and crafts, but I still loved it...  Next came a drafting course in high school. 

But my first real art experience was in college when I took a painting class and I realized that I loved it and had some talent.  I enrolled in the art education department and my path was set.

The need to create ideas, thoughts, and even dreams as objects of art is compelling. The first phase of the process for me is to learn as much as possible from a subject by researching sketching, and studying it.   An example of that absorption is my polka dot phase.  I came upon a book on the history of polka dots and used it as a jumping-off point to create ten paintings.

I am always revitalized by attending classes and absorbing the atmosphere of teachers and fellow artists.  I feel almost like a scientist doing research until the information just won’t hold its boundaries and overflows into a work of art.

There are times when technique is my teacher, whether using a pallet knife, discovering a new watercolor technique, and, recently, actually copying old masters’ drawing techniques.

Basically, I am an abstract painter with wide interests that tend to slant my style at times to surrealism, straight-edge, or watercolor realism.