Donald E. Emery - Multimedia Artist

“My work is an ongoing search for truth, beauty and meaning through my art. In my drawings, paintings, prints and photographs, I choose to pursue beauty because we are constantly barraged with so much chaos and ugliness created by man as opposed to the harmony in nature.”

Born in 1943 Los Angeles, California. Educated at California State University, Long Beach, Bachelor of Arts in 1966 and Master of Arts in Drawing and Painting in 1968. Professor of Fine Art, Santa Monica College, California 1969 to 2007, major emphasis in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking. Now retired from teaching at the Santa Monica College Art Department.

Exhibited artworks locally, nationally and internationally for more than forty years. Invited and traveled to China to exhibit in the Pingao International Festival of Photography in October, 2008. Since that time Don’s Linocuts have traveled in the Entropy of Art Exhibition in New York and then on to the Galeria Stara Prochownia in Warsaw, Poland in May, 2009, to the Galeria Amfilada in Olsztyn, Poland in June, 2009 and are traveling and still being exhibited in Eastern Europe.

The Huntarian Museum, Glasgow, Scotland
The Museum Okregowe Zeimi Kaliskiej, Poland
The Poleski Ostrodek Sztuki, Lodz, Poland
Pennsylvania State University
Santa Monica College Library
The City of Los Angeles Permanent Art Collection
Prudential Insurance Corporation
Century City Corporation
Executive Life Corporation Art Collection
Wells Fargo Corporation
Search West Corporation
International ICM
State Farm Insurance Corporation
Downey Museum of Art
J. Paul Getty Museum Research Library