Kirk Driscoll - Photographer

Born and raised in Southern California i am a product of the baby boomer generation. I spent my early years in Burbank surrounded by actors and artists who worked at Warner Bros. Disney Studios and NBC. I remember riding my stingray bike around the studios looking for the stars I saw on television.

I graduated high school with an Art Major and continued on to Los Angeles Valley College and later Pierce College. I also took courses through UCLA Extension School.

My greatest teachers were my older brother an amazingly talented artist and his former teacher and my mentor Joan Weber. Never taking formal training in photography I am self taught through trial and error. Shooting with film at first and then switching to digital. Using a point and shoot approach I very seldom use photoshop in my work.

In some of my photographs I have tried to capture the iconic images that are fast fading from the landscape i.e. signs from the past replaced my corporate logos. In other works the classic designs of Californian architecture. Finally some are simply advertising versus the elements.