Isabel Fowler - Photographer

I use digital art photography as a means of self-expression--camera and computer are my tools. I take pictures of my artistic vision of the scene and compose visually interesting post-processing effects.

My work explores the issues of urban life. I directly respond to the surrounding environment by using everyday experiences as a starting point. These scenes are often framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context.

My process of creation involves a lot of experimenting, interestingly researching and exploring new alternatives. I use digital special effects and modern photography techniques to accomplish my vision and these are some of the things that I find so exciting and challenging when I work.

I love the capabilities and endless possibilities of photo editing. I try to produce unique pieces of art that will invoke emotion in the viewer and make them question their sense of the world as they know it. I think post-processing photography allows us to see aspects of photography that we would have been unable to reach with our own eyes.