Les Light - Mixed Media Artist

“I am particularly interested in design elements: pattern, color, shape and texture. I also work with stories about my family and my numerous grandchildren as subjects for my artworks that I am creating.”

Les Light is a Los Angeles native. While attending Fairfax High School, he took his first and almost last Art course there. Although he enjoyed exploring different and diverse materials such as a wooden dowel 'stabile', a mosaic made of different kinds of beans, etc., his artistic expressions were discouraged by his Art teacher at that time.

However, while attending U.C.L.A. for his bachelor's degree, he entered some of his collage and assemblage pieces in the student exhibit. It took almost 50 years until he was willing to try an Art class again. In 1998, he ventured into a Collage Class at Santa Monica Collage, with Suzanne Temp, instructor extraordinaire. Her gentle and uncritical ways helped him overcome his fear of the criticism of his artistic abilities.