Liliane Bojilov - Painter

I want my work to give a feeling of vibration, of universal energy, of awareness of the unity of matter. The vibrant colors in her paintings, her landscapes of mountains, oceans and trees reflect her love of the beauty and wilderness of nature.

Her colorful style has attracted the attention of gallery directors and her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and fine art centers in Europe and the United States and acquired for private collections in the USA, Japan, France, Switzerland, Canada, Chile, Holland and Venezuela.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Liliane Bojilov graduated in Philosophy and French Literature at the University of Sofia. She left Bulgaria with her husband who was in the diplomatic corps stationed in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

She studied art at the Beaux Arts School in Brussels, Belgium, and with Professor Pavel Korbel in Geneva, Switzerland.

After joining the United Nations, Liliane and her husband were sent on missions to Chile, Brazil and Uruguay and later to Beirut, Lebanon.

At retirement, they returned to Geneva, Switzerland and then moved to Santa Monica, California, her new home since 1982. She is a 90 year old painter.