Rose Lobo - Mixed Media Artist

Rose Lobo is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She was born on the 4th day of Carnival. Wherever she goes in the world, she carries in her soul all of the traditions, floats, music, dance and inspirations of Carnival.

Her work is in the painting tradition known as symbolism. The principal thesis of symbolism is to clothe an idea with a tangible form. The approach is to consider nature through dreams, calling forth the primitive, the archaic and the exotic, to discover innate symbols. This type of art is idealistic, symbolic, subjective, concise and decorative.

In her art, she follows her unconscious to discover the symbolic. Quoting artist Odilon Redon she says: "I formulate imaginary beings and arrange them according to material logic."

Her background and love of music and dance influences the sense of design and composition in her work. She draws from all materials and ideas, both conscious and unconscious, to create her mixed media works.