Helene Zimmerman - Photographer

In 2006, a dear friend gave me a digital camera as a gift, and I immediately began taking photos. Later, I enrolled in some photography classes at Santa Monica Emeritus. In two juried exhibits at Emeritus, I submitted four photos and three were selected to be entered in the shows.

When I was a member of the Sierra Club Camera Committee, I entered a photo for our annual auction. It was a photo of an artistic rendition of a house and garden, and I am happy to say someone bought it. Art photography appeals to me, and I often use the photos I have taken to create artistic, colorful images. Shooting photos in which there is a juxtaposition of subject and background also interests me. I guess it is part of my quirky nature, and how I see things.

A few years ago, when I was in San Francisco, I went to an exhibition in which Dale Chihuly’s wonderful glass art was showing, and I was able to take many photos of his incredible work. I have included some of them in this exhibit. Digital photography allows me many ways to express myself creatively, and I am always finding new ways to do that using computer editing tools.

I would like to thank Jack Weiss, my friend, and Jerry Schneir, my photography teacher. They both encouraged me in my pursuit of photography.